For the 2019-2020 plan year, we are making benefit changes that benefit YOU!

  • Your participation during open enrollment is required in order to have coverage beginning April 1, 2019
  • Enrollment is quick, convenient and completely online – click here to get started (if you would prefer to enroll with additional support, call the Enrollment Center during your call-in dates at (855) 720-9915 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST
  • Beginning April 1, 2019 you will have access to new programs including Livongo, a diabetes program, and new voluntary benefit options including ARAG Prepaid Legal Plan and LifeLock Identity Theft Protection.
  • Plan 4 (Minimum Essential Coverage or MEC plan) offered through UnitedHealthcare (UHC) will be replaced by Plan 4 $6,500 HDHP PPO with HSA offered through BCBSTX
  • We continue to offer Health Advocate as your single source for benefits questions, advice and assistance during the plan year; don’t navigate your benefits alone – call Health Advocate and let a personal advocate do the heavy lifting!

Additional Information

From deductibles, to coinsurance, and in- vs. out-of-network — it’s easy to get confused when you’re managing your medical expenses.

Brock Health Advocate connects you with a confidential personal advocate — typically registered nurses — who can help you navigate complex medical issues. Your advocate can help you understand medical bills, manage claims and billing issues, understand treatment options, and even schedule doctor’s appointments — all at no cost to you.

You’ll also have access to Brock Health Advocate’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help you manage your mental health with topics that include depression and anxiety, stress management, and substance abuse. The EAP offers online resources, unlimited telephonic assistance, or a referral to an in-person counselor for up to three in-person visits per issue.

Brock Health Advocate is not affiliated with any medical provider, so you can rest easy knowing that your personal advocate will always have your interests at heart. Connect with your personal advocate today:

There will be a $100 monthly spousal surcharge for working spouses who have other sponsored medical coverage.

If your spouse is enrolled as a dependent under your Brock Health Plan but has access to medical coverage through their employer, you will have to pay a $100 surcharge each month in addition to your medical plan premiums. Take the time to review both your spouse’s employer-sponsored medical coverage and your Brock medical coverage options to make the choice that’s right for you and your family.

Historical data shows that the cost/utilization of a covered spouse is more than double that of employees and covered children. This is a significant driver in the increasing costs of the Brock Health Plan. Therefore, we want to encourage our working spouses to enroll in their employers’ plan, if available.

There will be a $100 monthly surcharge for tobacco utilization.

If you or your spouse use tobacco products and do not enroll in and complete a tobacco cessation program through the American Lung Association, you must pay a $100 surcharge each month per user in addition to your medical plan premiums. Tobacco products include cigarettes, cigars, snuff, chewing tobacco, and any other nicotine delivery systems such as ecigarettes or vaping.

Tobacco use and secondhand smoke cause illnesses such as lung cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke, and respiratory problems. One out of every three cancer deaths is caused by smoking. As a result, this is a major driver in the increase in Brock health care costs. We want to encourage all employees using tobacco to enter a tobacco cessation program. If you’re interested in participating in the tobacco cessation program, please contact Brock benefits by calling 409.951.4394

The Brock Well-Being Program, powered by Health Advocate, provides you with tools to help you achieve personal health goals and earn a 2019 medical premium credit.

You can earn a 2019 medical premium credit of up to $600 for individual and $1,200 for employee and spouse (if both members participate) when you complete well-being activities.

Activities include using a health tracker, attending workshops, participating in challenges, getting a preventive screening or completing your personal health profile.

Download the Health Advocate app or call 866.799.2691. The well-being incentive is available to eligible employees and their spouses enrolled in a Brock Group medical plan.